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November 16th, 2003

09:36 pm: ::in the girl's dormitory::
::writing her last journal entry as the "bad-ass"::

Dear DiaryCollapse )

August 22nd, 2003

12:16 pm: ::in the Gryffindor girl's restroom::
::writing in her journal before she starts her "make-over"::

Dear JournalCollapse )

::extremely nervous::
::Ginny comes in with supplies and talks to her about it::

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August 21st, 2003

10:00 am: Sorry!
A/N: Sorry guys! I probably won't be writing for awhile. I'm getting ready for school, RPing, and writing yet another fanfic. Sorry. It's just this other fanfic/plot is on my mind a lot lately and I just need to get it out on paper. Again, I'm really sorry... and I'll try to update as soon as I can.


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August 7th, 2003

10:42 am: Draco tells Robyn he did something bad....
Slaps, Arguments, Tears

::in her dorm alone, writing in her journal::

Dear JournalCollapse )

::puts her things away and goes off to find Ginny::

August 4th, 2003

04:15 pm: Owl to DracoCollapse )

::sends the owl, then lays on her stomach on her bed reading a psychology textbook her muggle friend "borrowed" from the school::

Robyn talks with her older brotherCollapse )

((A/N: Alright!! I posted!! lol I know that was really cheesy, but oh well. I should've actually written this about two days ago, but I wasn't in the mood to write. Em.. also... this is dedicated to someone special. The whole relationship thing. That is dedicated to someone. I don't know if they want me to reveal who they are, so I won't out of respect for them. ;) Love ya!!))

July 23rd, 2003

11:53 am: Owl to DracoCollapse )

::she folds the letter and puts on lipstick and kisses the back on the letter, "sealed with a kiss"::

July 17th, 2003

10:56 pm: I'm dehydrated from crying so much, so I figured right now would be a good time to write before I hydrate again. I miss him so much! It's only been like, what, 3 days?! I think my brothers and sister are suspicious. My parents don't know jack shit, so I'm not worried about them. It's my little twin brother and sister and my older brother I'm worried about. Jeremy won't leave me alone about it. He thinks it's a guy. He right, but he doesn't KNOW that. He just THINKS it. And Kaiden and Kailee. They know something's up, but I don't think they have an idea. Oh shit! Here comes Jeremy knocking on my door again. He will not leave me alone about this!

::closes her journal and pen, stuffs it in the drawer next to her bed, and lets Jeremy in and they begin to talk about why she's so upset all the time::

July 16th, 2003

01:46 pm: ::crying, takes out her journal and begins to write::

I just got home today from Hogwarts. *tear*

::pauses trying to pull herself together:: ::sniff::

This is so hard. I miss him *tear* so much already. I don't know how long I'm going to last. He *tear* cried for me. Draco cried because he's going to miss me. He actually cried. *tear* I witnessed Draco Malfoy cry. *tear* I probably should have brought a camera because that's like once in a lifetime. *tear*

::she laughs slightly at this::

I wish he were *tear* here. I wish he *tear* could've come *tear* to live *tear* with us over the summer. *tear* I miss him so much! *tear*

Merlin! I can't do this!
::she puts down her quill and puts her head in her hands and starts crying hysterically::

01:20 pm:

"If this wrong, then I don't want to be right."
"If this is a dream, then I'll sleep forever."

Draco and Robyn's special night - for realCollapse )


Going HomeCollapse )

((A/N: This is sad... I’m crying with my character!!! lol I can’t help it! It’s so sad!!!! I literally am crying. :-( Anyway, that wasn’t as long as I was hoping it would’ve been, but it’s okay. I needed to get that out. I’ve been wanting and needing to write that last part for like a week now. So if it seems like I’m rushing the story, I’m sorry. I just had the urge to write it and get it out there. I’m going to back to journal entries now... it’s a lot easier because she’s not with Draco so it doesn’t make much sense to write like this. Yes, I know I have a thing for the tear-running-down-her-cheek thing and the single tear thing. I like them a lot. I don’t know why.. I just do! And yes... I do have an obsession with quotes. Okay... I’m gonna get started on her journal now... hope you liked this!))

10:14 am:

It’s better to have loved and gotten hurt than to have never loved at all.

Robyn and Draco's special night - ruinedCollapse )

Deven and Robyn talkCollapse )

((A/N: That top part was just something I wanted to write... actually I probably should've waited for another chapter to do that, but oh well. Erm... this is 2433 words. Not as long as I wanted it, but I just can't seem to get the next part done. I'm just never in that "mood". Okay... well, as you know - this part had the smut. There will be more smut coming, so if there's something wrong with the way I write it, please tell me. That's the first time I've ever written smut before, so I'm not really sure if it's good. Thanks! I don't know how long it'll take for me to come out with this next part, it may take awhile because I have to be in that right mood and I just can't seem to get there. Okay? So, review and I'll talk to you later! Good day!!))

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